Sunday 24 June 2018
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Sex Has Fashions Too

For a couple of years a little while ago, pretty much everyone wanted to try out a bit of BDSM. Or what they thought of as BDSM. That was mainly thanks to the appalling (both in a literary and petty prejudiced and judgemental way) 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy of books. The the film came out and that put an end to that trend.Billie Piper was amazingly sympathetic in her portrayal of Belle Du Jour in the TV series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” made from the autobiographical novels by Dr Brooke Magnanti. And for a little while pretty much every escort agency out there; especially the highly reputable and professional Ibiza escort agencies such as Ibiza Beauties from The Ibiza Escort Agency and 2nd Circle Escort Ibiza, were inundated with female amateurs who liked sex and thought that they could make a six-figure income doing what they were doing for free anyway.

Most went away disillusioned by the fact that apparently there is more to it than just putting a selfie on the web and then laundering the obscene amounts of money that will inevitably follow. After all, everyone knows that sex always sells. But the problem is that everyone knows it.I am too young to have been sexually active when Last Tango In Paris was on at the cinema, but I quite sure that anal sex went through a bit of a surge in popularity and the sales of butter probably went up quite a lot. Lubricants weren’t as good or as easily accessible in the 70s.

But for sure anal sex had a real resurgence when the girls of sex And The City started banging on about it so enthusiastically in several episodes of one of the biggest TV shows in the world. With the perfect storm of that and the rapid rise in online porn, it seemed as though you had to try hard not to see girls enthusiastically offering the tradesman’s entrance. Magazine articles, TV documentaries, YouTube channels, even entire books came out to help couples explore that side of things.

Interestingly, it has never been that big a thing among sex workers. You would assume that every professional hooker offers everything. But they do not. According to the experts at Ibiza Beauties from The Ibiza Escort Agency and 2nd Circle Escort Ibiza, less than 10 per cent of escorts offer anal sex, and most of those only do so “by discretion” which means if the member in question is attached to a nice person, is clean and not too big!Likewise rimming had a major burst in popularity (I have no idea why or how that started to get out there so much, but it did) and from time to time different activities come into vogue (and sometimes into Vogue) and then disappear from the headlines and sexual menus until someone remembers them again. Because let us face it, none of these things is new. It is just easier to hear about them and learn how to do them!